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GoogleGlass v2 Wishlist


Long Live GoogleGlass. Definitively Not Dead! It is no secret any longer, that Google Glass version 2 is coming. Most of the rumors out there are, fortunately true! I had the distinct honor and pleasure to witness the next version and chat with Google about it, as well as to provide some of my thoughts […]

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I’m Sorry You Drove 3 hrs to See Me!


I also apologize that you wasted a whole day, spent all that money (even with the low gas prices), missed work, school and much more…for only a 10-15 minute visit. I hope it was worth, because most times, it isn’t. It seems comical, but this scenario is so common in our healthcare system, especially in rural […]

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Data from Wearables Means Nothing

LONDON - FEBRUARY 03:  In this photo illustration the Google logo is reflected in the eye of a girl on February 3, 2008 in London, England.  Financial experts continue to evaluate  the recent Microsoft $44.6 billion (?22.4 billion) offer for Yahoo and the possible impact on Internet market currently dominated by Google.  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The data from wearables means nothing. Does it? A recent post by my friend Dr. BertalanMesko (@Berci) describes his experience with the use of personal monitoring devices. Maybe I’m mistaken, and if so please forgive me, but in the post,  I sensed a bit of frustration about the true usefulness of these. What I read […]

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