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My views and finds on Innovation and Futurism in Healthcare and Exponential Medicine.

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Bring Back the Joy of Medicine


I recently was made aware of a great initiative by my friends at Geneia (@Geneia) and Medstro (@Medstro) about a challenge they are posing to medical providers. The results of their survey are really worrisome and saddening. Most physicians are not happy with their profession and consider leaving it soon and stopping practicing altogether.   Dr. […]

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My Recent Talk at Dubai STEP conference

2015-03-31 15.37.54

I recently had the amazing chance to speak at the STEP conference 2015, in Dubai. After many hours of travel from Maine, I found myself in a fantastic city with unbelievable weather (I went from 9 to 90 degrees in just a plane ride!) The video of the talk will be available soon, but for […]

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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality…I call it i-Reality

man with futuristic glasses

A Better Reality is what we all look for. Our wishes, dreams, desires, aspirations and anything else that, we think, would make us feel good, they all are representations of an intangible realm that we would all like to have.         These days, we talk a lot about Virtual “Reality” and Augmented “Reality. […]

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