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Why I think that Google Glass is Not a failure


The interaction between medical providers and patients has been really compromised over the last few years. According to Dr. Eric Topol ( as in his new book The Patient Will See You Now ),  in the US, the average return visit to the doctors office lasts seven minutes and a new consultation twelve minutes”.  Administrative requirements, […]

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The Evolution of GoogleGlass and Why it matters

2014-11-02 06.59.41

This is the recent (several weeks ago-), four part interview at mHealthNews at the HIMSS Portland, Me office. I had the privilege to spend some time sharing insights about my experience with GoogleGlass in medicine, the early accomplishments, the first surgery performed using the platform, its current state, advantages and limitations, future changes and, more […]

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Is GoogleGlass immortal?

2014-05-21 09.35.41

Well, I do think so!     In a way. Would you say that the Ford Model T is dead? Or did it actually represent the beginning of a revolution, the evolution of transportation? You see, lately, there has been a lot of press regarding the demise of GoogleGlass. A few articles have explained that the […]

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